About Us

Our Purpose

Emir Sultan Mosque aims to serve the growing Muslim population in Dandenong and surrounding regions. We strive to provide the community with high quality services, especially for our youth.

We want to be able to educate our brothers and sisters, promote wholesome community values and facilitate all members of the community to have a better understanding of Islam. From birth to marriage, marriage to death, we want to serve our community in every way possible.

In addition to offering a place of worship, Emir Sultan Mosque conducts classes to educate children with Islamic essentials, offers services to Muslims and wider communities, runs programs for the youth and provides a space where social events can be held.

Our History

Emir Sultan Mosque was founded in 1991 as a place of worship for local Muslim families to educate their children with Islamic essentials. Originally the Mosque was purchased as a church and then adapted into a Mosque. However, over the years, the population of the Muslims in the area was increasing dramatically. To keep up with the growth and demand for our services, we initiated a reconstruction project in 2012 which included a new mosque and additional buildings such as a community youth centre, funeral services and a wudhu area.

The new Mosque has an increased capacity for worshipers, suitable spaces for Islamic studies and new wudhu.